Swiss CNC Machining Services

Swiss CNC Machining Services

Swiss machining is a precise manufacturing capability that originated in Switzerland as part of an effort to improve watchmaking in the region. Now, Swiss machining is used to manufacture a number of small, complex, and intricate components. The process differs from more conventional techniques by eliminating deflection at the cutting surface. This is achieved via minimizing the distance between a cutting tool and the workpiece support.

Global Precision Products, LLC has twenty Swiss screw machines available. These machines let us create small and critical machined metal and engineered plastic parts. Our machines can accommodate parts made from nearly any variety of plastic, metal, or other engineering-grade material. We specialize in consolidating turning and milling into one machine to save our clients time and money.

Advantages of Swiss Machined Parts

Even in applications that require demanding tolerances or concern delicate parts, Swiss milling offers nearly perfect precision. It’s an easy means of machining entire complex designs and parts on a single machine. This cuts down on work time and costs. Swiss screw machining equipment completes numerous processes at once to further lower the production time—drilling, turning, milling, and boring can all be performed simultaneously.

Swiss machining relies on a number of fast-moving and complex cycles. It can perform numerous operations at one time to reduce cycle times. Manufacturers can also reduce costs by using less bar stock since the machining is done close to the guide bushing, preventing deflection. This process is an ideal solution for a variety of applications with its extended length to diameter ratios and the freedom to create small, complex parts.

A handful of industries that benefit from Swiss components include:

  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Optical
  • Imaging
  • Test and measurement

Precision Swiss Machining Services

Established in 1997, Global Precision Products, LLC is fully certified in the AS9100D and ISO:13485:2016 quality standard for high tolerance precision machined parts. With this certification standard, we can carry out aerospace-level quality control on components for clients throughout the aerospace and avionics industries. We also hold ISO 9001:2015 certification and are ITAR registered.
We’re committed to offering the latest in contract manufacturing technology. Our diligence in seeking out the best capabilities in the industry lets us provide low-cost services in multi-axis machining:

  • Parts are machined and deburred in a single setup
  • Custom precision parts are manufactured using multi-axis machining alongside simultaneous-axis capabilities
  • No part-to-part contact occurs during the fabrication process

Our team relies on cutting-edge technology, including robotics, and advanced automation capabilities, in a 25,000 square foot climate-controlled facility. Our services stand as a point of pride for our staff. We are committed to researching new processes to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Request Your Swiss Precision Products Today

When our clients partner with us, they enjoy a range of advantages that only a true turnkey partner can offer. Our customers don’t need to deal with middlemen or worry about paying representative commissions. We communicate with you directly to facilitate clear communication and cut back on unnecessary spending.

At Global Precision Products, LLC we offer precision machining and turnkey contract manufacturing services designed to benefit professionals from any industry. We handle material sourcing and offer new product validations and introduction processes, as well as build-to-stock inventories and logistics.

Global Precision Product, LLC is proud to offer the latest and best in Swiss machining technology. We’re committed to providing top-tier customer support and service industry-wide. If you’re interested in learning more about how our Swiss machined parts will benefit your project, contact us today or request your quote.